Our Workforce

The core of the Matrix Global workforce is a unique group of approximately 600 professionals, all women belonging to two orthodox communities in Israel, in Modi'in Illit and Bet Shemesh. These highly educated, carefully selected, and meticulously trained women have very strict and specific social and community needs. By satisfying these needs and establishing the development centers in the midst of their religious community, Matrix Global has tapped into a high-quality workforce available in substantial numbers at competitive rates. The homogeneous religious environment of the development centers has enabled the formation of a pool of qualified technical personnel with a high degree of loyalty and professionalism.

Most of the women are native speakers of English and all them have degrees equivalent to a BA or technical certificates in computers. Matrix Global provides additional training in specialized technical areas relevant to current and upcoming projects. Working together with the training and deployment division of Matrix, John Bryce Training, one of the leading technology training centers in Europe, Matrix Global develops short-notice, project-specific training programs custom tailored to the needs of individual projects.

Additional Matrix Global development centers are located in Eastern Europe, in countries with a tradition of high-quality science and technology education and loyalty to employers.

Our overall low attrition rates ensure high rates of knowledge preservation and continuity, ideally suited for staffing long-term projects. It is a workforce that enables us to simultaneously control both cost and quality.

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