Our Security Infrastructure

Israel is a land of high security awareness. Basic security is built into every Israeli enterprise. High-tech organizations generally operate at a heightened level of alertness. As a result of our experience with ultra-sensitive organizations (banks, government, the defense establishment) we have implemented end-to-end security measures that cover all physical plants, communication lines, employee clearance, etc. and ensure compliance with the strictest security requirements (SOX, ISO 27001, etc.).

We appreciate your need to protect confidential business information, and we take our responsibility seriously. As a result:

  • Each project is housed in a closed site equipped with entrance control.
  • Each project is furnished with a dedicated communication infrastructure, separated from all other projects and networks.
  • We communicate with you through a secure network equipped with all the necessary security requirements.
  • The site is controlled and monitored by the Matrix Global security officer.

Our built-in security infrastructure obviates the need to invest in project-specific security measures, which gives us a significant cost advantage.

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