High-Tech-Saturated Setting

Israel is a high-tech oriented society. High-tech is the main driving force of Israeli economy, and it colors its educational system, the composition of its labor force, and government investment in infrastructure. A roughly 100 mile belt stretching from Jerusalem in the center, to Tel-Aviv, and north to Haifa is studded with hundreds of technology and knowledge based enterprises that form the engine driving Israel's two hundred billion dollar economy.

In the past quarter of a century Israel's work ethic, labor practices, and work environments have become entirely westernized, especially in the high-tech industry. If you were to randomly teleport to any of the numerous high-tech parks in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, or Herzlia you would be at a loss guessing what continent you're on. And you will find no cultural distance, linguistic barriers, or differences in mentality. Israeli managers, like their peers in the US and Europe, are innovation oriented, quality conscious, and cost minded. This is the best guarantee of success for your outsourcing project with Matrix Global and of its cost effectiveness.

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