Business Intelligence

We spent the last decade building expertise and honing our skills in BI, covering the design-development-implementation cycle end to end. We are involved in numerous successful and ongoing projects, forming long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.

Our comprehensive BI solutions are based on the formulation of a common knowledge base for management information, a roadmap to a common data language within the organization, and a complete enterprise data strategy.

The thorough market understanding and thought leadership that we developed in BI enable us to advise our clients at every step of the BI process, starting with enterprise strategy planning. Matrix Global can be your strategic partner, capable of taking initiative in a range of BI-related areas:

  • We can advise you on data profiling as part of the development of an ETL process, including extraction of data from existing operational data systems, its transformation into a common data language within the organization, and its loading into a central data store.
  • We can plan, implement, and maintain your data warehouse and build access layers to decision support systems. We can incorporate into your solution advanced techniques, including analytic BI applications, OLAP cubes, and multidimensional data models.
  • Our consultants can work with your management and user community to pull together requirements for ad hoc reports to decision makers, set up your query facilities, and develop interactive dashboards and scorecards.
  • We can incorporate proactive BI 2.0 features that allow you to manipulate information in real time and to generate the kind of information that drives business activities rather than merely reacting to past events.

At every step, we apply our proven methodologies and best practices, and use the best tools from the leading vendors worldwide, including ETL tools such as DataStage and Informatica, Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) for you warehouse implementation, Panorama, SAS, BusinessObjects XI, Cognos, and more.

Find out how Matrix Global can enable users at various levels of your organization to maximize the value accumulated in your data warehouses.

For a detailed, step-by-step description of our BI methodology, best practices, and work process read our white paper about the actual implementation of a BI project we conducted for a client in the financial sector.