Our Advantages

To develop a strategic relationship with its outsourcing clients, Matrix Global has made decade-long investments into building expertise in selected vertical markets. A long-term strategic partnership with Matrix Global will ensure continuously successful software development for your projects.

  • We made massive investments in building expertise in vertical markets and cover the development cycle from end to end
  • We have demonstrated thought leadership in all areas of our activity and have developed reusable intellectual property and substantial tacit knowledge in this area
  • We have thorough market understanding and can help you build competitive products - sharing with you both risks and rewards
  • We follow a comprehensive set of best practices, project and development methodologies (including the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and CMM), and we are ISO 9001 certified. Our methodologies and best practices expedite processes, enhance work efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure successful project execution.

Our capabilities are based on unique strengths derived from our cultural environment, organizational structure, and human resources.

  • We have a unique workforce - highly educated, carefully selected, and meticulously trained - with the highest retention rate in the industry.
  • We are immersed in a high-tech culture identical with yours, based on the same education, values, methodologies, security consciousness, and best practices.
  • We benefit from the built-in support of Israel's premier IT vendor and Europe's largest technology trainer.
  • Rosh gadol is a Hebrew idiom meaning literally "big head" but referring to a willingness to assume responsibility, take initiative, and share risks (as opposed to a "small head" approach of doing as told). Matrix Global adopts a "big head" approach in its relationship with its outsourcing clients.