About Us

Matrix Global, the Offshore Outsourcing division of Matrix, employs over 1,000 professionals at development centers in Israel and Eastern Europe.

We believe we are second to none in the quality and value we bring to complex, mid-size, long-term projects. Our unique core workforce (highly educated, carefully selected, and meticulously trained) is among the most stable and loyal in the industry. With more than 6,300 software professionals, Matrix is the leading IT vendor in the high-tech saturated Israeli market. Our security infrastructure, policies, and certification are the highest anywhere.

If you are looking for a close partnership with a consulting firm that can custom-tailor its service to the needs of your project, “smartshoring” in Israel with Matrix Global is the answer you are looking for. As our customer, you will find out quickly that the geographic distances between us are small and the cultural distances virtually non-existent. We speak your language, literally and figuratively.

Matrix maintains strategic partnerships with the world's leading vendors, including HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Business Objects, and many more.

Learn more about our services and how you can successfully negotiate the trade-off between world-class quality development and offshore costing.